Aspirational Living

“Faye has really moved my business forwards. She has been my marketing consultant, colleague and mentor, and has provided a range of services that have helped me take my business to the next level. Faye is a self-starter, and organiser and the ultimate professional – it’s been what my business has been missing for a long time. She’s my right hand woman, I couldn’t do this without her.”

Kelly Gaston – Founder and Owner of Aspirational Living


Aspirational Living provides courses, events, coaching and information to help people take control of their lives through mindfulness.¬†Kelly was determined to widen her reach so she could help more people with the tools and resources she offers. I’ve helped her update her website, maintain a regular blog, launch new events, run social media promotions, raise awareness in local media and increase visibility through advertising, to help achieve this goal.

Faye Levi Aspirational Living website