How have you made an impact this week? Many of the people I help are working so hard on the day-to-day running of their business that they don’t have time to answer that question. Over the last few busy weeks I’ve come to understand the challenge they face, as a whirlwind of deadlines, meetings, events and chickenpox has left me spinning. However, taking a moment to assess what’s working can save time and precious resources in the long term. With that in mind, I finally found five minutes to share 5 ideas that really made a difference for me and my clients this week:

  1. The story that data can tell – even a quick tour round a website’s analytics can provide valuable insights. This week I shared some pretty interesting stats with Age UK North Yorkshire and Rural Arts that show clear trends in their most effective marketing tactics, as well as the site content that’s engaging visitors versus the areas that need a bit more TLC.
  2. The strength of an integrated approach – this week I met with the extremely smart Bridget from Alchemy Media, to collaborate on a media plan for my client. We’re forecasting strong results from a coordinated campaign across multiple channels – online advertising, paid social, radio and direct mail. We’ll make an impact by building a story to our audience throughout the campaign, rather than hitting them with piecemeal messages at irregular intervals.
  3. The power of networks – business competitors shouldn’t be seen just as a threat, but a potential source of ideas, expertise and information. I’m so glad I met Deborah from Aer8 Marketing at a recent ‘Lunch and Learn’ she hosted at Evolution. Like me, she sees the value of partnership, and we’re planning to collaborate on a project to deliver some meaningful results for our client.
  4. The value of good media relationships – PR is a specialism that takes time and dedicated resources to really make an impact. Carefully honed press lists and strong relationships with journalists will always win coverage over generic emails that blast out press releases to cold contacts. This week that came true for Thirsk Community Care, for whom I volunteer. They got some fantastic coverage of their recent Corporate Social Responsibility event thanks to the support of local PR expert Abi from Word Lab Communications.
  5. The little touches – my business cards arrived today, and while I’d have been excited even if they came in a bin liner, the fact they came so beautifully wrapped really made the purchase special (see pic). A wonderful job from Moo, and undoubtedly an idea that will get them a recommendation from me.


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