When a client recently asked me do some research into the local nurseries, I knew I’d have to bring an expert onto the job. Who’s the new hire? Agent Dribbler* is less than a meter tall, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in vast experience of sand pits, nursery rhymes and snacks.

With her rucksack in tow, Agent Dribbler accompanied me to several of the area’s leading day nurseries. Scorecard in hand, she helped me assess their strengths and weaknesses. Pulling few punches, she shared her honest feedback, which has proved both fascinating and useful to our client.

Not yet being literate herself, Agent Dribbler left me to the desk research. I compiled a database of nurseries within a 30-minute drive, looking at their size, rating, pricing and distinguishing features. It’s a tome that any working parent would be glad to get their hands on, but to our client it will be an invaluable document for information, ideas and future marketing opportunities.

I then considered how our client might reach the kind of parents who are sending their little ones to these nurseries. With support from Alchemy Media I looked at mobile advertising, paid social, direct mail, outdoor, radio and print advertising, assessing the potential impact of each against the cost.

It’s been a great project and certainly delivered useful insights for our client to leverage in their strategy. Agent Dribbler proved herself to be very talented at market research, but after all that activity I think she’s ready for a nap!

*identity protected to avoid competitor headhunting


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