Newcastle High School for Girls

Being a Central High alumna and a modern languages graduate, the chance to support the Modern Languages department at Newcastle High School for Girls was not an opportunity I was going to pass up. Having recently launched the Swire Chinese Language School Newcastle, the team required a new brand identity and a website that would raise the profile of their work and encourage schools across the North East to enrol on their courses. The results are a stunning website that allows Swire Chinese Language School Newcastle to stand out and clearly articulate their offering. I also supported them with social media marketing and PR to launch the new initiative. 

“I would thoroughly recommend your services to others, as you have made me think about why we are doing things, to what impactful end, what our value could be to the local community, what we can realistically achieve with a website, in a way that no other marketing company did. I have really enjoyed working with you and hope that it will continue in some way in future.”

Mrs J. King, Previous Head of Faculty: Language and Literacy at Newcastle High School for Girls.

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