Balance over Burnout

We are going to give you one guess as to what the biggest struggle for small business owners is….

What is the one word you hear them talk about more than others?
Or, if you’re a small business owner, what is constantly nagging at you in the back of your head?

You probably guessed right – Balance.

Balancing the guilt from home and the guilt from business.
Navigating time with family versus nurturing relationships with clients.
Finding time to be “Me” versus Mum, CEO, Account Manager, House Keeper, etc…

It is almost an impossible task with no clear way to win or escape the fear that you just aren’t doing enough.

I am a huge advocate of moving my body when I am feeling this tension of balance – physically shifting that negative energy out of my brain and mentally refreshing my mindset. Whether it’s a “commute run” (where I get a few miles in before I pick up the kids to signify the end of my workday and shape-shifting back into Mum Mode) or just walking to the shops for those few items at the store, I have to stay active to keep my body – and mind – healthy and balanced.

How do you find balance?

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